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How to obtain Repeat Prescriptions:

If you are taking a regular course of medicines and require a further supply (after the doctor has seen you initially), you can request a repeat prescription in any of the following ways:

1. Via our Online prescription request service page

Please note that you are required to register for this service. Please call in at the surgery to apply for an account. To save time you can also complete the registration form and post or bring in to the surgery.

2. Drop In A Prescription Request

From the 4th May 2021, you will once again be able to come to the practice to request your medication. There will be a prescription requests box in reception that you can drop requests into.  Please follow displayed coronavirus guidance at all times.

3. Post your Prescription Request

Download the request form in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF format, print it out, and fill it in. [The sheet contains two forms - cut in half and save the second form for next time].

If you don't have a printer, we are happy to accept hand-written requests - please include your name, address, date of birth, the name of the pharmacy we should send the prescription, and full details of the medication(s) needed.

To help avoid mistakes, please fill in the form/request IN BLOCK CAPITALS.

Send to:
The Prescription Department, Glastonbury Health Centre, 1 Wells Road, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DD.

The prescription is processed and ready for collection or delivery to the chemist in the usual way. Please allow for postage time plus the usual three working days to collect from your nominated pharmacy.

4. Using the Contact the Surgery online form

During the coronavirus restrictions, we allowed requests to be submitted via our contact us form. Whilst this has been useful to some patients, we ask you to please use our Online prescription request service. If you haven't registered, or are having issues, there is a new prescription request form that you can use to submit prescription requests.

5. Request by Telephone

From the 4th May 2021 the prescriptions telephone line will be closed. This was re-opened as a temporary measure due to covonavirus and is closing as restrictions are easing.

Due to the current situation, we have temporarily re-opened the prescription telephone request line, for those who are unable to request prescriptions any other way. Please call the practice (on 01458 834100) and select option 3 from the menu. The request line is open between 10am and 12noon each day - please only ring between these times.


New Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

As well as being able to order repeat prescriptions on-line the health centre has rolled-out EPS which enables the prescription to be electronically sent to a nominated pharmacy, so you collect the medicine from them, so need need to collect a prescription. If you would like to sign up for this service please go to a participating pharmacy, Boots, Sainsbury, Tesco, Feversham Lane Pharmacy, and Touts Pharmacy, and ask for them for a form to complete to enable you to have your medication from them. Alternatively, fill in one of the yellow forms in the foyer.

If you have difficulty collecting your prescriptions ask them to deliver!


Drug Wastage

As you are all no doubt aware, we have a drug budget for all medication that we issue at the medical centre. Currently, we are overspent on this budget and we are under constant pressure from the government to stay within our limit.

We are asking our patients to help us by reminding you all of the following:

1.   Do not request medication you no longer use. If you have stopped taking your medication
      let us know.

2.   Do not hoard medication at home.

3.   Sort out your medicines and order what you require on a monthly basis.

4.   Do not use another person's medication.

Recycling your Inhaler

We are currently promoting inhaler recycling – look out for posters around the practice and ask your pharmacist about recycling your old inhalers. Currently Boots in Glastonbury High Street and Tesco Pharmacy on Wirral Park Road are taking part in the scheme.

Repeat prescriptions ready for collection
Requested before
12 noon on
Ready after 4.00pm
at local Pharmacy
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Saturday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday


Unless there are extenuating circumstances, paper prescriptions will no longer be available to collect from the Health Centre. If you are unable to get to your nominated pharacy, we can text you a token you can take to any pharmacy to collect your prescription.