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1 Wells Road, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9DD

Tel: 01458 834 100

Contact Details


Business Manager

Georgina Ball, our business manager, has overall responsibility for the practice.


Deputy Practice Manager

Becky Knight, our deputy practice manager, has overall responsibility for day-to-day operations.


Reception Staff

The team of six receptionists are fully trained and are responsible for the smooth running of the practice, appointment systems and clinics. They are here to help the patients, so please give them as much information as possible. Information will always be treated in confidence as receptionists are bound by the same codes of conduct as the doctors.

The reception staff help the doctors carry out their work and they do a very difficult job well. Please remember that patients may be unavoidably kept waiting at times, but please also remember that it is not the receptionist's fault. Information supplied by patients helps the doctors to judge the order and urgency of calls, so do expect to be asked.


Medical Secretary

Tracey and Rachael, our medical secretaries, deal with all correspondence, including referrals to hospitals and medical reports.


Prescription Department

Del will endeavour to process your prescription requirements smoothly and efficiently within the allotted timeframe.


Domestic Assistants

To keep our health centre clean we contract-out to a local cleaning company called Green Machine. If patients have a comment to make on the cleanliness of the health centre, please complete the ‘Feedback’ Form held in the entrance lobby; we very much value your opinion.